Defining problem and finding solution

Paper and pencil

As in most of the cases client sent to me „almost ready” page with asking of help: „…something is wrong with that, do You have some idea what to do?” Page contained a lot of information, but without any hierarchy and order. The first thing to do was to group all informations to sections and removing doubbled contents. Next step I did, was determining the purpose, and rethinking scenario of user’s journey on this page. That gave me clear answears, how to keep a logical order to sort out all the sections. Graphic design of styleguide and final look was the last stage of my work.

CLeaning in the user's panel

mockup design

The next step was to design a panel layout that is visible to the user after logging in. We had to show steps in the learning process. Each part / lesson has a status that enables certain functions or shows that the next lesson is still blocked. I used the row layout one above the other, instead of drawing rectangular panels side by side to join them as a timeline. Panels set up as before did not give such a possibility. Moreover in rows fields I found a place to show status icons.

„Working mess” preview

I,ve made a lot of sketches during this process – as usual. Sometimes my drawings and sketches are taking all notebooks or even boxes of printing paper.  Paper and pencil thinking contains the most my „invisible for user” part of work. Most of the sketches stays unused, and I collect them as ideas for the future projects. Part of them lands in a trash, but don’t worry – I always left all paper waste to recycling! 😉

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